City of Sterling Outdoor Water Restriction

Due to drought conditions, the City of Sterling is asking all water users to voluntarily limit the amount of outside watering.  If water demand does not decrease the City may adopt more severe watering restrictions.  Thank you for your cooperation and help.

Schedule of Service for Water Service
The water rates, tapping fees, plant investment fees and service charges were last set by Council effective
January 1, 2017 by Resolution No. 11-3-16.

Water Distribution Responsibilities
The division maintains 95 miles of distribution lines ranging from 4" to 24". The system supplies 3644 residential, 395 multi-unit, 603 commercial and 13 industrial taps. The City has two (2) elevated 480,000 gallon storage tanks and 2 MG and 7.5MG ground storage tanks.

General Systems Information
The Sterling drinking water is taken from a system of 12 wells and distributed by approximately 86 miles of water mains. The wells are controlled by a SCADA system that will control each well such that the 4 storage tanks located in various locations of the City are maintained at a full level regardless of water demand. The system has a total storage capacity of 10 million gallons. All water is chlorinated to help insure safe drinking water. During 1998 approximately one billion gallons of drinking water was supplied by the system to Sterling residents.

Water Meters
Residential meters are usually 3/4 or 1 inch meters and located in a water meter pit in the right of way between the house and street. As of 2016 the City has replaced the old "Touch Read" water meters with  new radio read meters.  There are approximately 4,655 meters City wide and all are read every four weeks.  IMG_20160529_233238396

Water Service Shut-Offs
Water services are shut off for maintenance, emergency main repairs and delinquent accounts. The City makes every effort
to notify customers that the water will be off and for what duration. Delinquent accounts are notified by mail 2 weeks prior to turn off.

Water Conservation
All customers are encouraged to conserve water since it is an exhaustible resource. Should anyone desire information on this subject you are encouraged to contact the City’s Public Works Department for guidance or download the:  Water Restrictions will remain in effect until rescinded.

After Hours, Week Ends, and Holiday Emergencies
Should it become necessary for a customer to report a water system problem, they may do so by calling 522-9700 during regular work hours, or, by calling the Sterling Police Department at 522-3512 evenings, weekends or holidays. Citizens are encouraged to report any unusual water related conditions immediately. This would include broken meter pit covers, frozen meters, water coming out of the street, unusual amounts of air in the system or any noticeable contaminates in the water.   In addition, should a residence be without water for any unexplained reason, they should call the City at 522-9700.  


Download Water Rates 2017

Download Water Tap Fees





General Systems Information
The sewer system collects in excess of 500 million gallons of wastewater per year. It is transported through approximately 69 miles of sewer pipe with a major portion being pumped through 12 lift stations to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

New and Replacement Service
New and replacement sewer system service is initiated through the City’s Public Works Department.

After Hours Emergencies
Should it become necessary for a customer to report a sewer emergency, they may report a problem by calling (970)522-9700 during regular work hours, or by calling the Sterling Police Department at 522-3512 evening, weekends
or holidays. Citizens are encouraged to first notify the City in case of sewer related problems. The responding City personnel will determine the problem and report to the calling party whether it is the City’s responsibility or the homeowner’s.

Request for Sewer System Locates
All requests for sewer line/service locates should be made directly to the Utility Notification Center of Colorado and specify sewer line/service locates only. Locates are required by Colorado law if you plan any type of excavation for any reason. The Utility Notification Center of Colorado is a Center where by making one call they will notify all Utilities who are members. You may reach UNCC by using their toll free number at 1-800-922-1987 or dial 811.

Schedule of Service for Sewer Service
The sewer rates, tapping fees, plant investment fees and service charges were last set by Council effective January 1, 2017 by Resolution No. 11-2-16.

Present water/sewer rates and water/sewer connection fees, are available from the Public Works Department. The City of Sterling prides itself in having one of the most economical water and sewer rates in Eastern Colorado of any comparable sized city.

Download the Sewer Rates 2017 

Download Sewer Tap Fees

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