Streets Division

The mission of the Street Division is to operate and maintain a safe and efficient street system for the citizens and visitors to the City by adequate planning, response to citizen communications and the efficient use of available resources.

This division of Public Works is charged with the maintenance of the street system and with the general construction of projects throughout the City. The division operates out of the Service Center located at 103 South Sugar Mill Road.


2023  Surface Treatment History
Street From To Year Treatment  Method
McKinley St. Sidney St. 5th St. 2023 FDR & 3" HMA
S. 4th Ave. Glenora St. Iris Dr. 2023 FDR & 3" HMA
Washington St. N. 3rd Ave. N. 7th Ave. 2023 FDR & 3" HMA
Denver St. S. 6th Ave. S. 8th Ave. 2023 FDR & 3" HMA
Hamilton St S 3rd Ave S Division Ave 2023 FDR & 3" HMA
Plainview Ave. Logan St. California St. 2023 FDR & 3" HMA
Main St. Riverview Cemetery   2023 2" Overlay
Central Ave. Riverview Cemetery    2023 2" Overlay
Villa Vista Dr. Plainview Valley Dr. 2022 FDR & 3" HMA
N. 2nd Ave. Main St. Platte St. 2022 FDR & 3" HMA
E.B. Chestnut St. Front St. N. 3rd St. 2022 FDR & 3" HMA
W.B. Chestnut St. Front St. N. 3rd St. 2022 FDR & 3" HMA
Sugar Mill Road Edith Ave. Service Center 2022 FDR & 3" HMA
Hamilton St. Douglas St. S. 5th Ave. 2022 FDR & 3" HMA
Hamilton St. S. 5th Ave.  S. 11th Ave. 2022 FDR & 3" HMA

Street Signs

The City of Sterling’s Street Division is responsible for repairing and maintaining the City’s street signs. To report a street sign that needs repair or replacement, please call the Service Center at 522-2619. To report a missing or fallen STOP sign, call police dispatch at 522-3512.

Requests for installation of street signs-such as stop signs, yield signs, and street name signs are handled by the City of Sterling Street Division, which can be reached at 522-2619.

Traffic Signals
The City has a computerized traffic control system which maintains signalized intersections 24 hours a day. To report signal malfunctions between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., please call 522-2619. To report a signal malfunction at other times, please call 522-3512.

Street Lighting
The City of Sterling provides all street lighting. For repair and maintenance within the city limits please call the Public Works Dept. at 522-9700.

Street Construction and Repair
The Street Improvement Program reconstructs or overlays existing streets. The program encompasses approximately 4 miles of streets in Sterling annually. The Street Seal Coat Program seal coats existing streets and extends their life. The program encompasses approximately 6 to 7 miles of streets in Sterling annually. In conjunction with the City Street Division, routine patching and crack sealing operations improve and extend the life of many more miles of the street system.

Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) Sterling S-Curve Project is completed.

The City of Sterling’s Street Division is responsible for repairing potholes and sunken roadways. Please report any potholes to the Street Division at 522-2619. Be prepared to report the street name, nearest cross street and direction of travel.

Snow Removal

The City of Sterling Snow Removal Ordinance (Sec. 17-22) requires that all snow and ice hazards must be removed from public sidewalks within a 24-hour period. This is the responsibility of the occupants, owners and managers of the adjacent property. For more information or to file a complaint, please call the Public Works Dept. at 522-9700.

Block Parties
For information regarding a Block Party in your neighborhood, please contact the Public Works Department at 522-9700.

Event/Street Closure Permit
Special events that require the closure of a public street(S) require a street closure permit. For events such as road or bike races, the City must approve the route prior to the application process. To obtain an application for a street closure permit, please call Sterling’s Police Department at 522-3512.

2024 Curb, Gutter and Sidewalk Replacement Program Packet

The City’s participation is limited to replacements approved by the Public Works Board.

  • The application deadlines for participation cycles are April 15, May 15, June 15, July 15 and August 15 each year.
  • The program is a replacement program only. The City’s participation is generally limited to the reconstruction of existing facilities with like facilities in the same location. All variations to this regulation must be supported with documentation by the applicant.
  • Upon receiving notice that a project is eligible, the property owner will contract for the sidewalk/curb/ gutter replacement and the property owner will remain liable for payment to the contractor. The City’s participation will be available to the property owner for a period of sixty (60) days.
  • The City of Sterling will be liable for the installation of corner lot access for persons with mobility impairments. This area begins at the outer intersecting point of the sidewalk corner outward to the street pavement.
  • Upon completion of the replacement project, the property owner will request an inspection of the project. The Code Enforcement Specialist will inspect the project and certify the quantities replaced. The request for reimbursement will then be sent to the Director of Finance for processing.
  • The property owner will be liable for all permits necessary and inspections requested.
  • The property owner will be allowed to do the labor, however, the work must meet City specifications.
  • The City of Sterling will dispose of construction debris generated by the property owner at the rate of $55.00 per truck load providing the replacement project is being completed by the property owner. The property owner requesting this service will make arrangements at the Department of Finance in City Hall.
  • The City of Sterling will repair damage to the asphalt street if the damage is no greater than 12 inches wide.
  • By participating in this program, the applicant is not relieved from any liability for future replacement, repair, maintenance, or keeping a clear walkway adjacent to the applicant’s property.
  • Entities with taxing power are not eligible for this program.

Applications for the Curb, Gutter, Sidewalk Replacement Program (and concrete replacement specifications) may be requested by contacting the Public Works Department at 421 North 4th Street or by telephoning 970-522-9700.

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