Service Center

The Sterling Service Center is a 27 acre facility located immediately east of the railroad and south of US Highway 6. The access to the facility is on South Sugar Mill Road. The facility includes the administration and fleet maintenance building, fueling facilities, a salt/sand storage building, a limited heat equipment building, 2 equipment storage buildings, a material storage building, and stock pile areas. It also includes the fire training tower and classroom building. The fire training area includes simulated City streets and intersections. The facility also includes a storm water detention pondscenter1

The construction cost of approximately $2.68 million is funded by a lease-purchase agreement. The City created the Sterling Building Authority and leased the site to the authority. The authority bonded the construction costs through a commercial bank and financed the construction by the City. The City now leases the facility from the Sterling Building Authority.

The lease payments assessed against each budget within the City on a modified ratio of area occupied and number of employees.  The lease is for a term of 20 years with ownership transferring to the  City at that time.


Building Efficiency services were consolidated into one new location designed for various functions; working better with less wasted space; and optimizing energy, maintenance, repair and insurance costs.

Efficiency of Operations  administrative and clerical needs in one central location, accessible to all; minimized lunch rooms and toilet facilities; and a central storeroom and central purchasing area.

City Coordination  City service providers have been coordinated into one location. This allows increased coordination and communication between divisions. It is easier to schedule tasks that require coordination of resources including manpower and equipment. Also, by sharing facilities, the idea is promoted that everyone is working toward the same goal of providing excellent service to the citizens of Sterling.

The fire training tower and classroom allows hands-on training of fire recruits and allows veteran firemen to refresh their skills without extended leaves. The facility will further allow training of area volunteers with minimal expense. The learning center is separate from other City functions to allow usage without conflict. The law enforcement agencies in the area may also use the facility for various training programs.

The elimination of 18 city-owned buildings located throughout the City

Fire Training Center

The fire trainingftraining center provides the facilities for firefighters to practice fire/rescue skills and develop teamwork. The center includes a classroom for briefings and instruction. The fire training tower provides for practice in raising ladders, advancing hose lines and rope rescue procedures. A live fire training room allows firefighters to develop real experience in approaching and extinguishing fires in buildings. The vehicle rescue pad using donated cars provides firefighters with practice in extricating victims from car crashes. Finally, the flammable liquids pit is provided for practice in extinguishing fires in gasoline or other liquid fuels using foam.

The fire training center is an advanced facility that is not typically provided for fire departments in cities the size of Sterling. This facility will allow firefighters to provide truly excellent service to the City and the Sterling Rural Fire Protection District. It is the City’s intent to offer this facility for use by firefighters throughout the region.

The Police Department’s TAC Team plans on using the new facility to train in-building searches and immediate entries, as well as some other things like rappelling. Patrol officers will use the facility for training in such things as building searches, alarm response and responding to barricaded suspect situations. In the training room the Police Department plans on setting up the firearm and use of force decision training system. The training room will also be used for various other regular lecture/seminar classes.



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