Youth Services

In the Support Services Division of the Sterling Police Department, Sterling Youth Services is supervised by Major Richard Kelsch.  Youth Services provides on-going services for those juveniles referred by the Sterling Police Department, courts, school, families and community human service agencies.  Sterling Youth Services provides:

  • an augmentation to law enforcement officers’ lecture-release option for juveniles contacted for petty offense criminal activity, suspicious activity or individual/public safety concerns. 
  • enhancement of the Department’s goal to address delinquent behavior in its early stages, thus decreasing the growth of significant criminal behavior
  • education for youth and families on personal and public safety matters
  • management of the jail screening and supervision of youth charged with misdemeanor and/or felony acts
  • case information on all youth referred until their 21st birthday
  • testimony in courts as to criminal history, previous intervention services and alternatives to detention sentencing options
  • Sterling Municipal Court Juvenile Probation services

Sterling Youth Services is an intervention strategy intended to hold youth accountable for their actions by addressing delinquent behavior in the community, seeking to reduce youth involvement in increasingly serious criminal acts, to reduce out-of-home placements, to reduce the community cost of delinquent activity and to strengthen the family with the skills sets of successful parenting.

A community supported continuum of care for youth and families who are struggling is the most successful path to the development of law abiding, productive citizens. Sterling Youth Service’s primary responsibility is to provide education which leads youth to create a blueprint for the decisions which ultimately will drive their behavior.  Life is about growth and change; not just about hanging out in the current state, to view mistakes as a part of life which are opportunities for grown and learning not failure and excuses for criminal behavior, to identify who you are and gain a sense of purpose from your talents and opportunities and finally it is the life of service to others which will ultimately lead to happiness and success.

Empowering Our Youth to Make Changes 

In today’s modern world it is essential that we empower our youth with decision making skills which will help them safely into adulthood and beyond. Sterling Youth Services provides counseling that will guide your youth and: 

  • Empower the youth to make changes
  • Provide problem focused education classes
  • Create an atmosphere of trust where problems can be identified
  • Create access to community resources, i.e. therapy, tutoring, family planning, substance use, and employment planning 

Youth up to 18 years of age, and who live in Sterling and Logan County can be referred. The goal for each youth who works through the Youth Services program is three-fold: 

  • Take responsibility for all personal behavior
  • Take care of any damages resulting from that behavior
  • Activate a preventative plan to deal with future similar situations 

Here’s how the program works: 

One-on-one contact is made following a referral. The primary source of referral is the Sterling Police Department, but a youth may be referred from schools, parents, Logan County Sheriff’s Office, or self-referral by the youth. An office appointment with the youth and parent is made. During that appointment with the parent and youth, the appropriate level of Youth Services involvement is determined. Case plans may include skill building in areas such as conflict management, peer and family relationships, substance use, school problems, and decision making. 

If your youth needs counseling, guidance, life skills, call (970) 522-3512 and ask to speak with Youth Services.




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