Kops 'N Kids

The very active Kops ‘N Kids Program continues to be a strong assist in providing officers a communication and interaction link with the youth of Sterling. The primary purpose of the program is to provide an atmosphere which builds relationships with the youth of our community, from the preschool age through high school. Through these relationships, the officer(s) can be a positive influence by providing education and social interaction with the student.

Once a month officers go to elementary schools and meet with children and visit about a variety of subjects, such as bicycle, traffic, Halloween and personal safety, as well as presenting videos and class lectures. Officers have been invited to visit with students at Campbell, Hagen, and Ayres Elementary Schools, and once a year officers go to the Sterling Middle School to play volleyball or basketball with students. By interacting with police officers in plain clothing, such as T-shirts and shorts, the students and officers create a positive and friendly atmosphere in which to communicate

Yearly, an officer instructs SHS students regarding alcohol consumption, with a special emphasis on drinking and driving. Students wear the department’s “Fatal Vision Goggles” while driving a golf cart on a coned course. The goggles simulate to the wearer their level of impairment when drinking and driving. The department purchased the set of the goggles for instructional use in area schools that request such classes. Students, again wearing the “Fatal Vision Goggles” are also put through roadside sobriety testing. The field portions of the classes are conducted at the Logan County Fairgrounds

If you would like to inquire further or arrange a presentation through Kops ‘N Kids, contact the SPD at (970)522-3512 and ask for a “Kops ‘N Kids” cop!

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