K9 Unit

DSC_0016In 2014 K9 Glock became the first K9 in department history when he was sworn in on May 12th.  Initially, Sergeant Nick Hrycaj went to K9 Working Dogs International in Longford, Kansas where he attended and underwent an extensive three-week canine handler training course before returning to Sterling with K9 Glock. 

K9 Glock turned six in January, 2018.  He can discern and locate the odors of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, ecstasy and methamphetamine. His patrol capabilities include locating subjects hiding in buildings, criminal apprehension, tracking and assisting with high risk stops. K9 Glock certifies yearly through the Colorado Police Canine Association and trains endlessly to ensure a high level of proficiency.  

Initial funding for the program came from seized funds from a previous drug investigation as well as donations from members and businesses in the community.  The following businesses/individuals have donated to the program: Wal-Mart Super Center, the Bow-Wow Barn, Dr. Fredregill’s Veterinary Medical Clinic, Mead Lumber, G&L Woodcraft, Boondocks Army Surplus, and several generous personal donors. The Department is very grateful for the generous community support and will depend on that support to continue to be successful. 

In the beginning of 2018, K9 Glock changed handlers to Sergeant Michael Grant due to Sgt. Hrycaj leaving our department. K9 Glock continues his public contacts and as always, is a very welcome celebrity with the community.  He acts as the mascot to the “High on Life and Nothing Else” program and made several visits to area schools. Numerous requests came to Sgt. Grant for Glock to visit their group and demonstrate skills. The K9 Unit is a tremendous public relations tool as they are helping to build positive relationships with our youth and the community through their public interactions.

Sgt. Grant and Glock train monthly to maintain and enhance his performance.  Glock’s training includes: tracking, bite training, narcotics detection, article searches, building searches, aggression training, not to mention strength and agility training, which is seen in the photo to the above right, where Glock demonstrates his jumping abilities on an early frosty morning at the firearms range. K9 Glock is consistently used every 5 to 6 days.  K9 Glock has been responsible for numerous criminal apprehension, seizure of narcotics, and tracking efforts.

For demonstrations call (970) 522-3512 and ask for Sgt. Grant

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