Online Ticket Payments

How to pay using Point & Pay
To pay your ticket, do the following:
Click on the link above. While on the payment screen under Payment Type select "Traffic Fines". For Account Number put your ticket number, for example "83524". Then in the Comments section type in "SPD" and what you are paying, for example "speeding ticket on 01/25/20". This assures our Finance Department will pass along your payment to us. Then continue to enter in all required information and click Submit.

The site uses the same high-level security used by online banking and financial sites. Point & Pay charges a convenience fee of 3.1 percent of the total amount paid for the convenience of paying online, all of which Point & Pay keeps.

Moving Violation Point Reduction
Moving Violations that are over 2 points such as a four-point speeding ticket –which is for speeding 10-19 mph over the speed limit – will be reduced to two-point tickets and three-point tickets to one-point if paid 20 days (excluding weekends) from the date the ticket was given. You can still pay your ticket after the 20 days and before your court date however, you will not be eligible for the two-point reduction. Also by paying your ticket before the court date, whether online or at the police department, you are automatically pleading guilty to the charges.

No envelopes, stamps or trips to the police department are needed with Point & Pay, which can be used anytime and anywhere Internet access is available.

If you have a question regarding Point & Pay, contact Point & Pay directly at 1-888-891-6064 or via email at For all other questions, please contact us at (970) 522-3512 option 1 or via email at

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