The Sterling Police Department no longer offers a fingerprinting service to the general public. Fingerprints needed for employment purposes or to obtain certain licenses, such as a teaching license, nursing or insurance license within the state of Colorado will need to go through IdentoGO by appointment at  Go to the link and pick the reason for your fingerprints, click on it, a link is then provided to the IdentoGO website where you can set up your appointment or you can call 844-539-5539 (toll-free).

However, we do offer the service to anyone needing fingerprints for out of state employment/licenses. This service is available Monday-Friday 08:00am-4:30pm. A $10.00 service fee for the actual taking of the fingerprints by an officer is charged and may be paid at the reception window, where an officer will be called to take the fingerprints. There is no fee for individuals obtaining fingerprints for adoption, foster care, day care, EMT license, Police academy or employment with the schools.  Persons should bring a photo ID, usually a driver’s license, for identification purposes. Please bear in mind that there will be a fee by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (state-wide check) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (national check) for the background search.

If you have any questions please call Community Service Specialist Caitlyn McVey at 970-522-3512 ext 4220.

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