Parks and Pavilions General Information

Parks Rules and Regulations

Park Hours 4:30 AM to 11:00 PM Facts you should know regarding the “Sterling Parks Ordinance” and its rules and regulations for all parks, recreational facilities, and open spaces. Prohibited Acts Under Chapter 13 of the Sterling City Code:

  1. Use or possession of alcoholic beverages
  2. Smoking, Vaping, or E-Cigarettes inside any Building or Structures
  3. Smoking, Vaping, or E-Cigarettes within 25 feet of all structures, playgrounds, gatherings or events
  4. Open fires, in designated fire pits by Permit only
  5. Animals running at large (all pets must be on a leash). Owners must clean up after their animals
  6. Littering
  7. Golfing
  8. Firearms or archery, except by permit
  9. Horseback riding
  10. Motor vehicles off designated roadways
  11. Commercial activity, except by Permit
  12. Dumping of residential trash in park dumpster
  13. Camping or overnight parking except by permit
  14. Skateboards, roller-blades, or bicycles on tennis courts, basketball courts, pavilions
  15. Stakes or posts driven into the ground
  16. Bouncy Houses, or other temporary shade structures with stakes, are not allowed
  17. Throwing rocks or other items into the streams/damming up streams.

Park Watch
Graffiti and vandalism in our parks is a serious, unnecessary, and costly problem. The time and money spent repairing damage done by vandals could be used to further improve and beautify our parks. This is a serious problem. Don’t let a few individuals ruin the enjoyment of the parks for others. If you see a vandal damaging a building, driving on the grass or defacing a piece of playground equipment, please call the Sterling Police Department at 522-3512 to report it. 

Park Bench Donation
Bench Form
The City of Sterling Parks, Library and Recreation Department has a program in place for the purchase of memorial benches in our area Parks, although Pioneer and Columbine are completely full, we have numerous other great Parks to choose from! The benches cost $2,000 and a plaque will be attached to each bench with the wording of your choice (restrictions do apply). This is a great way to donate a memorial bench that will be enjoyed by the public for many years to come. If interested, please come in to the office of Parks, Library and Recreation, City Hall, 421 North 4th St., Sterling, CO., and you can discuss with us were you’d like the bench to be placed, you can print out the form to bring in with you, or you may also call 522-9700 ext 1102 for further information.

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