This coverage commences the first day of the month following 6 full months of regular full-time employment with the City of Sterling. Premiums are paid by the City and these benefits are taxable when the employee is enrolled in the STD/LTD program.This program is only available for regular full-time employees.

This insurance is available for employees that suffer an illness, injury, or other physical impairment not associated with their employment that requires the employee, for personal medical reasons associated with that event, to be absent for a period of time in excess of eighty working hours (120 hours for designated fire personnel). Paid Time Off may cover this 80- or 120-hour waiting or elimination period for the employee. Short-Term Disability or STD is available for 56 working days or 448 hours whichever applies to the employee. This will occur in a calendar period of 90 days. The amount paid to employees on STD is 70% of the pre-disability rate of pay during the duration of the STD subject to maximum amounts. Employees must meet eligibility requirements on a continuing basis. Earnings are taxable.

Long-Term Disability or LTD is available for any employee the first day of the month following 6 months of regular full time employment with the City of Sterling. The LTD pays 60% of pre-disability earnings subject to a maximum. It becomes effective after the completion of Short-Term Disability. The LTD is 24-hour coverage. Eligibility requirements must be met for LTD and are similar to the STD requirements. Earnings are taxable.

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