Prehospital 9-1-1 emergency response is one of the essential public safety functions provided by the United States fire service in support of community health, security and prosperity. Fire service-based emergency medical services (EMS) systems are strategically positioned to deliver time critical response and effective patient care. Fire service-based EMS provides this pivotal public safety service while also emphasizing responder safety, competent and compassionate workers, and cost-effective operations.

In September of 2011, Logan County and the City of Sterling formed a partnership dedicated to providing Emergency Medical Services excellence through the Sterling Fire Department. The fire department has responded by adding additional equipment and personnel to manage the additional call volume and patient transport responsibilities.

 In total there are twenty-two (22) career firefighters, nine (9) volunteer firefighters and a full-time secretary. The three (3) shifts are staffed with seven (7) career personnel and three (3) volunteers assigned to each. The career firefighters on each shift are Advanced Life Support (ALS) certified or Basic Life Support (BLS) certified. The volunteers are a combination of ALS and BLS providers that are honored to aid our community.

Each Medic Unit will respond with a minimum one (1) ALS firefighter and one (1) BLS firefighter aboard and up to four (4) additional personnel may be dispatched if necessary. Firefighters strive to be en route to calls within thirty (30) seconds of being dispatched and arrive on scene of the majority of calls within four (4) minutes of being dispatched.

In addition to fire prevention education, the Sterling Fire Department will expand its prevention efforts to reduce suffering, injury, accidents, death, disease, and sudden illness to improve the quality of life to those they serve.

The City of Sterling Fire Department welcomes groups and individuals to the station for tours. To schedule a tour, please call 970-522-3823. If you have questions or suggestions for Chief Lavon Ritter, please call the station or email him at

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