February 27, 2017


The Finance Department accounts for the collection, disbursement and investment of the city funds; administers the accounting, payroll and record systems; issues licenses and does all activities relevant to the City Clerk’s Office as defined in the City Charter and Code.

The Department staff consists of seven people including a Director, who serves as City Clerk, an Finance Superintendent, who serves as Deputy Clerk, a Purchasing Technician, a Sales Tax Technician, and three Account Clerks.

How to read your utility bill.

Utility bill automatic payment service.

City Sales Tax

Tax Rates:
City of Sterling 3.0%
Logan County 1.0%
Platte Valley RTA Tax 0.1%
State of Colorado 2.9%
Total Tax: 7.0%

Sales Tax Online Application – use this form to electronically submit your application directly to the Finance Department.

Printable Sales Tax Forms are available by clicking the FORMS tab above.

State of Colorado Tax Information