February 27, 2017

Our Vision and Mission

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Our Vision:

We will always provide fire and medical services selflessly to those in need
We will use innovative technology and ideas to continually improve the quality of life to those we serve
We will continually measure ourselves as a team and individually to assure we are constantly striving for excellence

Our Mission:
Prevent, Protect, Provide and Prepare.

We will initiate prevention programs to Prevent fires, suffering, injury, accidents, death, disease, sudden illness and other disasters.
We will quickly and selflessly Protect the residents and visitors every second of everyday in their time of need with the most qualified team of compassionate emergency professionals.
We will constantly Provide an unsurpassed level of professional care during every emergency and non-emergency service provided.
We will Prepare by maintaining the highest of training standards, conducting building pre planning, and identifying risk and trends in order to make our community a safer place to live.