October 1, 2014

Neighborhood Watch

neighborhoodwatchCrime vigilance is an ongoing priority for the Sterling Police Department and this priority is exemplified by having in place the Neighborhood Watch Program. The basic premise of the program is to give citizens a tool or mechanism whereby they can watch for crime in their neighborhood, and a procedure to follow if a crime is observed.

If a citizen observes a crime in their neighborhood, they are instructed to contact the Sterling Police Department with their information, and let a police officer handle the situation. Do not attempt to handle the scenario alone. However, the vigilant watcher can gather vital information without endangering their person or property, such as a description of the perpetrator, approximate height, weight, build, hair color, for example, or license plate numbers, or note time and date of crime, the type of crime. This information is extremely valuable in the apprehension of a subject.

Neighborhood Watch Sectors have been established at the Northeastern Junior College residence Halls:  Guenzi, Reed and Breidenbach Halls, Williams, Poole, Dowis and “Herbie” (Herboldshiemer) Halls.  Various apartment complexes, trailer parks, and manufactured home communities, such as Applewood Plaza and Northeast Plaza Apartments have been approached to be a Sector.  Mobile entities such as the County Express Bus and others, have also been approached to provide a mobile sector(s) for the program.

Currently, Sterling has 15 sectors posted with the familiar “Neighborhood Watch” sign. Most areas are one block with a block captain. Each block is required to have two meetings per year. If you want further information on the Neighborhood Watch Program, or wish to establish a “block” in your neighborhood, contact the SPD at (970)522-3512.