February 27, 2017

Citizen’s Academy

Eleven Sterling citizens comprised the inaugural class of the Sterling Police Department’s Citizen’s Academy which began in March of 2006, and lasted 12 weeks. Class students quickly learned that the life of a police officer is much more involved than your favorite “television cop.”

academyThe primary goal of the academy is to reach out to the community and explain the reasons behind what an officer does, with the hope that this will increase the communication level between the citizens and the officers. The SPD also hopes the program will ultimately assist in the reduction of crime through a deeper support of the department’s mission.

Class topics for the academy includes introduction to investigation, patrol and tactical operations, firearms, arrest control, neighborhood watch, identity theft and domestic violence. The highlight of the class for citizens is the opportunity to “ride along” with an officer mid way through the academy. Students quickly experience the night patrol or the traffic stop scenario by “riding along.”

Due to the success of the inaugural academy, a second academy came quickly in October of 2006, with an enrollment of nine students. More academies have been held in subsequent years, and more are anticipated.  If you would like to be in a class, contact the Sterling PD at (970)522-3512 for further information.