February 27, 2017

SPD Explorers

explorersThe Explorer Program has been an active part of the SPD since 1989. Typically the Post has from 5-8 members ranging in age from 14 to 20 years of age. The major thrust of the program is to give students expressing an interest in a law enforcement career exposure to the work of the police officer. Usually two officers from the force act as Post Advisors, with a Committee Chairman. These officers work voluntarily with Explorers on various projects, such as fingerprinting children, security projects, and aiding with traffic control at many community events.

The Explorers wear a uniform while on duty, a light blue uniform shirt and navy blue uniform pants, which distinguishes them from other agencies or organizations. In addition to training received from the SPD Advisors in the law enforcement area, the Explorers “go live” putting their training into action at many Sterling events such as the Logan County Fair parade, the annual Heritage Festival on July 4th, Overnight Security at the Sugar Beet Days. They can be seen “Riding Along” with officers.

If you have a son or a daughter in school who is interested in law enforcement as a career, the Explorers Program would be good exposure for them. To contact an Advisor and gain further details regarding the program, please call (970) 522-3512.