September 16, 2014

Programs and Services

Special Street Use Request
If you or your group are planning an event, such as a parade or race, which necessitates street closures or traffic re-routing, click here to download the Request For Special Street Use form, and bring or mail the completed form to the police department.

Domestic Violence
The SPD and the local District Attorney have adopted a zero-tolerance policy regarding all domestic violence. Persons charged with a crime involving domestic violence must be jailed until court advisement. All restraining orders are strictly enforced, but if you have an order issued by a court in another state, you may have to obtain a new order from the local court. If you are a victim of domestic violence, contact the SPD immediately or call Help For Abused Partners at 522-2307.

VIN (Vehicle Inspection Number) Checks
VIN Checks are a service offered to the public by the Sterling Police Department. A citizen may purchase a car out of state, or from an individual, and before licensure can take place, a VIN certificate is needed, signed by a certified inspector. The SPD has several officers certified to perform such a service.

Checks are available at the SPD on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 7- 9 AM, excluding holidays. If possible, please bring your vehicle to the police department; however, officers may be able to travel to an in-city location for the inspection. Inspection certificates or slips are available at the SPD if needed. For a VIN Inspection, please inquire at the Reception window of the Sterling Police Department located in Centennial Square at 421 N. 4th Street, Sterling.

There is no charge for a “regular” VIN check; however, if you should require a Certified VIN check, a fee of $20.00 is needed. A certified VIN is done on bonded vehicles or salvage titles, or on kits or homemade vehicles, for example. A certified VIN may be needed because the DMV has requested one per state statute.

Prisoner Custody
All city prisoners taken into custody are held at the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at the Justice Center, 110 Riverview Road. Call the Sheriff’s Office at 522-2578 for information regarding prisoner visitation and mail.

Check Fraud
Writing bad checks is a criminal offense under Colorado law. If you are the victim of check fraud and have been unsuccessful in collecting the check yourself or through a commercial check collection agency, the SPD may investigate the check as a criminal offense. In order to sustain a criminal charge, you will have to be able to testify in court as to the identity of the check writer.

You will be requested to complete a check fraud questionnaire. This questionnaire is available at the police department reception window, or you may download and print out the form to bring along with you when reporting your case.

Door to Door Soliciting
Door to door soliciting without invitation is legal in the City of Sterling. However, if a salesman is bothering you or refuses to leave your property, other charges may be appropriate. Feel free to call the police department about any suspicious person or business proposition.

The Sterling Police Department offers a fingerprinting service to the general public. This service is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 AM. Fingerprints are taken for employment purposes, or to obtain certain licensures, such as a teaching license, nursing or insurance license. If needed, fingerprint cards are available at the police station. Persons should bring a photo ID, usually a driver’s license, for identification purposes.

A $10.00 service fee for the actual taking of the fingerprints by an officer is charged and may be paid at the reception window, where an officer will be called to take the fingerprints. Please bear in mind that there will be a fee by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (state-wide check) and/or the Federal Bureau of Investigation (national check) for the background search.

Bicycle and Gun Registration
Bicycles and firearms may be registered at the Police Department, free of charge, on a strictly voluntary basis. Registration of such items greatly increases your chances of recovering lost or stolen property. Click here to download your bicycle registration form, complete, and bring the form, along with your bicycle to the police department, for completion of the registration process.

Bicycles are subject to traffic laws and violators may be ticketed, just as motor vehicle drivers.

Permits are required to discharge firearms of any type within the City. To obtain your permit, for which there is no charge,
click here, download the form, complete, and bring or mail it to the police department.

Criminal Justice Records
Criminal justice records are available per state statute. A written application must be submitted, along with copy and search fees set by ordinance. Most requests require a day or two to research after administrative approval. Some reports may be withheld until investigation is complete, and most juvenile records are not releasable. If you need records from another state, county, or local agency, you will need to contact that agency, as we may only release our own local records. State-wide criminal arrest records and driving records are available from the Colorado Crime Information Center and the Colorado Department of Revenue. If you are the defendant in a case, you or your attorney can obtain case reports through the discovery process from the prosecuting attorney.

Click here to download your Records Request form, and bring or mail the completed form, with proper fees to the police department to obtain the record requested.

Alcoholic Beverages
State and local liquor laws are strictly enforced. Beer sold locally in kegs bears a numbered tag which identifies the purchaser and may NOT be removed. Open containers of alcoholic beverages are prohibited in all unlicensed public areas, including motor vehicles and in the parks. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in city parks.

Burglar and Fire Alarms
Business alarms may be connected directly to the police department, but must conform with the department’s equipment and be transmitted on a dedicated telephone line at your expense. Automatic telephone dialers, by City Ordinance, may NOT be hooked up to call the police department. A fine is assessed for any false alarm in excess of nine in any 12-month period.

Citizen Complaints
Sterling Police Officers are expected to conduct themselves professionally and courteously at all times. Should you have a complaint about an officer’s conduct, or a question about police procedures, contact the police department and ask for a lieutenant or the shift supervisor. All complaints are taken seriously and investigated thoroughly.