February 27, 2017

Waste Water Treatment

The mission of the Wastewater Division is to provide an effective and efficient means of treating wastewater collected by the sanitary sewer system of Sterling that meets and/or exceeds all State and Federal Water Quality Standards for discharge to State waters.

General Systems Information

The Wastewater Treatment Plant has a present capacity to treat 2.68 million gallons per day of wastewater, and with a minor upgrade can bring total capacity to 3.99 million gallons per day. In 1998 the system treated 1.39 million gallons per day. The treated water is pumped to a recharge site for ground water recharge, or diverted to the South Platte River in times of drought.

The treatment facility is located at 15956 County Road 370. Group tours of the treatment plant facility may be arranged by calling the Utilities Superintendent during regular business hours at 522-2619.