April 19, 2015

Parks, Library, Recreation

Welcome to the Department of Parks, Library and Recreation. It is our goal to provide quality recreation… [more]

Parks, Library, Recreation Parks, Library, Recreation

Police Department

I am excited and honored to have the privilege to serve as your Chief of Police for the City of Sterling.… [more]

Police Department Police Department

Fire Department

Our Mission and Vision - Calling 9-1-1 - Service Area - Home and Fire Safety - Using Fire Extinguishers… [more]

Fire Department Fire Department


The City of Sterling announces the SPRING CLEANUP, scheduled to begin the week of April 20, 2015.  As a service to residential trash customers, the City will pick up any trash or rubbish, which is legally disposable at the Logan County Landfill.  Appliances containing Freon will not be accepted unless they have been certified “Freon […]

Trash Pickup Schedule Effective 3-1-15

As of March 1, 2015 The City of Sterling will be changing the trash collection days to the following. Mondays & Thursdays will be all residents North of Platte St and North of Chestnut St and includes Buffalo Hills Tuesdays & Fridays will be residents South of Platte St and South of Chestnut St. Wednesdays […]

City Council Minutes January 13, 2015

STERLING, COLORADO JANUARY 13, 2015 STATE OF COLORADO  ) COUNTY OF LOGAN       )ss CITY OF STERLING        ) As required by the Colorado Sunshine Law, the meeting was posted timely in the City Hall lobby more than twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting. Pastor John Roberts, First Baptist Church, gave the invocation.  Mayor Torres led […]

Reminder for Snow and Ice Removal

STERLING CITY CODE Chapter 17 Article II. Sidewalks Sec. 17-22. Removal of snow, ice, rubbish, etc. (a)     The owner, occupant or agent of any property adjacent to a public sidewalk shall use diligence to keep such walk safe for pedestrians. It shall be unlawful for such owner, occupant or agent to permit snow, ice, […]

2013 City of Sterling Master Plan

The 2013 Master Plan book can be found in the Public Works Department under Planning and Zoning.  Included in the book are maps and goals for further development and growth.